Hey there, welcome to my blog.
Let me give you an over view, I have categorized the blog into various sections.
One part being ‘technical stuffs‘ and the other are some of my poems.
I have tried keeping the technical section very simple yet informative. It has some information about Singularity and Artificial Intelligence and The need for Programming.

The poems sections are divided as:
Dawn, Daybreak, First Blush and Siesta, they are just categories for easy browsing 🙂 . Noon, Dusk and Midnight are coming soon(hopefully) 🙂

I love to learn new things, whether it be new technologies, new skills, or new hobbies. I’m a person searching and looking for answers about various things. I believe life is learnt with experience, and I am on this journey, learning from  my mistakes, trying to be better.

We all have our share of craziness which people close to us know. Deep within us is a very crazy creature, which makes us going in this boring world.

Its a simple life, its a simple world. We all have a part to play on this planet. In the end, we wont be judged according to what part we had, but on the way we played it. My goal in life is to do what I can, to make the world something better.

What I think about Life?
Life is a battle,
Life is a joke,
Life is a bed of rose, 
Life is journey, 
Life is a highway,
Life is what you make of it everyday.
It may be a dream,
It may be what it does not seem,
A cake walk, 
A survival instinct,
A walk in a tunnel,
Or a dance through a ball hall,
Life’s a quest,
Life’s a test,
A victors victory,
And a victims veil,
A story you write,
And for them to tell.
Coz in the end dear,
No matter what you do,
Life still remain a mystery.
-Tehreem Ansari



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